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The Sunrise

Dear Dad,

I am so glad the kids convinced me to go with them for a quick (27 hour) trip with them to catch the leaves changing color in our beautiful state. Where we lived, we always had the water to the east. Remember how stunning the sunrises were? Many would blankly stare at me when I would describe their beauty. Some would correct me: “You ARE speaking of sunsets right?” Some would cast doubt: “How can a sunrise be beautiful?”

People have made an Ooo! and Ahh! for sunsets throughout history. I am sure there are many more songs, poems, and stories involving sunsets than sunrises. And yes, they are very picturesque. However, we both know the power of being awestruck when gazing at a sunrise. It’s as if God in all His majesty is blessing us with the promise of that new day dawning surrounding us with His light and warmth of His love., even on the coldest of days. Thankfully, these marvelous moments have not been lost on my kids.

My daughter insisted we stop somewhere to rest along one of the Great Lakes in order that we could arise in time to witness the sunrise the next morning. What a delightful and thoughtful idea! Although we were many hours away from where we live, we still had the feeling of being surrounded by God’s love and assurance to strengthen our faith knowing that all would be just fine.

This trip also reminded me of the times where you would love to go off of the beaten path and explore every nook and cranny little towns had to offer, especially when meeting the locals. I felt as if you were with us. I love you and miss you much!




Iconography: A Small Antidote

Dear Dad,

I started a new med last week. It’s a non-stimulant that takes at least a week to start working. I feel it’s making me feel very sleepy and foggy-headed. I also am starting to lose interest in many things like reading, blogging, doing much of anything. I know this isn’t the real me. I feel like I’m being covered in a shell and can’t get out. But at the same time, I feel like I don’t want to get out of it either. Again, this is definitely not me.

At what point do I give up trying? Am I doing this to fit in with the rest of the world? Does not taking it and letting my ADHD take over in any way akin to being a fool for Christ? Well, for lack of a better way of putting it. Not to sound like a martyr, but am I to suffer for my sins this way? Or is my lot in life to be present while others suffer me? Again today, someone abruptly interrupted me to ask someone else a question while I was speaking- answering her question to me as a matter of fact. And one that definitely a thought provoking question that was not to be answered with a “yes” or a “no”. Why do people do that? I’m working so very hard on not being hyperverbal. At least I’m handling it much better though.

I do not have many alternatives left available to me. Yet, I cannot continue to put my body through all of these side effects to feel and seem “normal” to everyone else. I guess I’ll need to keep reminding myself of taking things one minute at a time, if not one day at a time.

On a lighter note, I visited a (somewhat) local church I haven’t seen in awhile. There was a small event where a Ukrainian iconographer, named Sergei, was the guest speaker. Attending this helped me get out of my stupor for a little while. Poor guy wasn’t given much to go on with his talk, but he was interesting nonetheless. He spoke mostly about techniques. I was so excited that I could easily follow along, since I had my art class. I did learn one completely new thing though. The iconographer explained that Orthodox churches are plain on the outside yet very ornate on the inside, whereas Roman Catholic churches prior to the 1300s (I think?) are the opposite. So true! It never hit me all of this time! LOL!

He also explained how the Pantocrator is made in pieces or strips on canvas and how it’s applied to the done. It takes up to 5 people to hold one strip up to put it in place! He created his own makeshift press to help keep it in place an bubbles stay out. Fascinating!

I only asked one question but I think I might have unintentionally embarrassed him. I asked if there was a certain protocol for a prayer rule when painting icons, as I had heard in the past. Since he was born and raised in the former Soviet Union, he hadn’t had much of a chance to do much with the church. He told us one time they wanted to attend Pascha at a certain well-known church. However, once they arrived there, it was surrounded by KGB agents to prevent parishioners from entering. Can you believe it?!

He does pray before he starts, but he admitted he’s not religious in the sense of going to church a lot. After his talk, he walked with us into the church and casually talked to us about the various icons there. We discussed about the Theotokos as the Portatissa (Gatekeeper) and why she is shown with blood on her cheek. A soldier came into a woman’s house during the iconoclast period and pierced that part of the icon to start destroying it. The icon started to bleed! The soldier immediately regretted his actions, apologized, and somehow turned his life around. Please forgive me that I forgot how. Lol!

Sergei showed us pictures of a couple of his more recent works on his phone. One was very complicated due to the unusual placement of a window that’s not normally in that spot in a church. I can’t imagine the reworking he had to do to make it work in that spot, even after looking at it!

What’s also interesting today was that I noticed later in the day that a couple of people on FB just happened to have asked about icons! That sustained me for a little while longer. I helped someone identify the subject (Archangel) of an icon by Googling its features. I learned some more about how they’re depicted and would like to compare that to what I’ve read in my go-to book The Holy Angels, by Mother Alexandra. Well, I better get some sleep.

With that, my Dear Father, I bid you καληνύχτα. 🙏💕☦️🕊

Love you!

G 😊💗


An Unexpected Blessing

Γειά σου, Παππού!

How does the saying go again? Life happens while you plan? I wonder if there’s a saying like that in Greek? I’m sorry I can’t ask you now. But I’m sure you’re smiling, since I’m trying to improve my Greek.

Life has such a weird way of turning out. I’m not sure if you ever met Johnny from Greek camp. We (my siblings and I) met him at camp, never realizing that our parents knew each other. I guess that’s how self-centered a child’s mind can be. LOL! Over the years, we grew apart, however, his mom, Mrs. M, and I grew closer. We did things like attended Bible study together and church events. We recently attended a wonderful Christmas benefit concert of a Pan-Orthodox group, who sang like angels!

Mrs. M invited me over to her house last week to practice making προσφορά (prosphora). It’s funny because she speaks so softly, that I thought she said she’d help me with it because she’s made it. Turns out she has never made it before and has a special recipe for it from her sister, who lives in another state. Although all 3 hadn’t turned out, we found out that, despite our 20+ year age difference, we had a lot more in common than we realized. Also, of course, with her life experiences, I learned a lot about cooking, as well as things like taking care and using a Κανδήλι (candili- candle for a prayer corner). We also shared wonderful memories of the past.

She taught me kneading this dough is like washing clothes by hand. After recommending that, she gave me a sly sideways glance knowing I had probably never known how to do that. I blushed in acknowledgement of that truth and stared at my shoes. I knew she meant nothing of it, except to elicit a smile. However, at that moment, I became very aware of not being thankful of the blessings that already had and have been present in my life in general. I had been throwing myself little pity parties getting anxious about my situation. I shook it off and returned her smile with the best I could muster not wanting her to think that she upset me at all. Suddenly, a flash of an image of the washing machine in your house came to mind. I told her how you had the kind that had a roll at the top to squeeze the excess water out of it. She relayed a funny story about one of those of when she first came to America from Greece (Κέρκυρα) in her teens. She helped a woman with her household chores; washing the woman’s family’s clothes using one of those was one of them. One day, the clothes began to get stuck on the roll and became entangled. She panicked thinking she couldn’t get the clothes unraveled from the roll. She thought her only option was to cut them off. Thank goodness the woman was kind hearted. She laughed when she saw what had happened, and taught Mrs. M how to use the machine to unravel the clothes, God forbid, it ever happen again.

We had a good laugh about that. Then a sudden panic hit me. We said the beginning and middle prayers for the prosphora, but didn’t make sure the Κανδήλι was lit. I asked her if we could light hers. She gave me a serious look and stared at me for a moment. “The Κανδήλι was lit, but went out right before you came”, she gravely replied. Shivers ran through me. The Κανδήλι was in front of a luminous gold icon of the Θεοτόκος (Theotokos) holding Άγιος Χριστούλι (Baby Christ). Their faces appeared soft and loving, yet were either of them trying to communicate something to me? Or was this a cunning trick of the evil one?

Without hesitation, Mrs. M got out a new wick and gave me instructions as to how the Κανδήλι should be prepared, where to purchase supplies, and so on. It was as if Mrs. M read my mind. She not only knew I needed to learn (which I have been wanting to but afraid to ask), but she did it in such a maternal way that it allayed any fears I had of the timing of flame extinguishing. She never once implied anything judgemental as to why I didn’t know these things having been born and raised in the Orthodox Church.

Throughout our time together, Mrs. M helped me practice my Greek. I have a long way to go as far as speaking it is concerned, however, I’m glad to know my understanding of it is much better than I realized. I do hope and pray I can pass some of this on to my kids, despite the fact they’re all adults now. I was so impressed when Mrs. M was insistent that we jot down notes for next time in order to correct our mistakes. She’s a much better woman than I, who was afraid to once more face the rejection of my baking skills. On a lighter note, hopefully next time my mom will be able to join us.

Until then, my dearest Παππού!

Σ’αγαπώ πάρα πολύ! 🤗💗 Καληνύχτα!

Γεωργία 🙏💕☦️🕊

P.S. Mrs. M called me while I was in the middle of typing this. She spoke to her sister about our experience making the προσφορά. As it turns out, it’s a good thing we wrote down the improvements needed to be made for next time. They matched exactly what her sister suggested! I have great hope for the next time! That it looks like one of the first I made. 😊

My First Successful Προσφορών

Cooking Imitating Life or Life Imitating Cooking?

Dear Pappou,

I’ve heard a saying that seems to describe my life. “Life happens while you plan.” You make sure you check everything on the list of whatever it is for which you’re planning. You might even look over it a couple times thinking you’ve get everything covered. Then, all of a sudden, a hurdle, monkey wrench, or whatever you want to call it comes barreling your way veering you off the path that you intended to follow. If you’re not careful, you can let it really get to you. Translation: If you take your eyes off of God, you can send yourself careening very far away from the safety of His Will and His great love for you.

While making the last couple of dishes, I discovered that cooking is very much like life. As a lighter example, this last dish I made, psarosoupa, I had the recipe with me but let myself get distracted while in the grocery store and forgot to buy a couple of the ingredients. Keeping away from chocolate has been a huge struggle for me. Seriously. I used to eat some every day. The serotonin boost helps immensely, yet the fat and sugar seem to override that benefit. I let myself get distracted by whether or not to just buy a little or totally avoid the candy aisle. As I’m eyeballing that section, I caught myself suddenly having to dodge people around me because I wasn’t watching where I was going. However, it was in vain because I ended up zigzagging right near a stand showcasing the latest candy bars. Ugh!

When I began to make the fish soup, it hit me that I didn’t have all that I needed. Once again, I began to Google for ingredient substitutions once again. I began to berate myself for not focusing harder on my errands. I realized that I have already learned of some of these substitutions. I needed to learn to trust myself and not worry about being perfect. Follow God’s lead. It’s like my fairly new prayer rule that I’d been following. I felt like I had to be perfect at prayer, rather than focusing on praying from the heart, even when reading from a prayer book. Over time, I’ve become more comfortable with it and it has started to flow more so from my heart. Anyway, shouldn’t I be thankful I have food from which I can choose to create a meal? No, I should not be pouting that it won’t be the most delectable thing on Earth; isn’t that egotistical thinking anyway?

So I began to chop, dice, measure, and pour my way around the recipe. I was getting excited of the prospects of how I could make this originally traditional recipe with my own Greek twist on it. What the heck! No celery? Don’t panic! Just continue straight over to the pantry to add more potatoes! No celery leaves? Don’t dodge! Just continue straight over to the refrigerator and add that half zucchini that was starting to go bad anyway! Why not add that new lobster bouillon you bought?! Well, I bought it before knowing I’m not supposed to eat it but a little won’t hurt right? By the way, I even “survived” cutting the slimy fish! LOL!

It looks a lot like the lamb and orzo stew, but it did come out pretty well if I do say so myself. It surely came out better than the last batch of baguettes! Goodness, am I failing at that! But I’ll keep plugging along because I’m determined to get it right. At least more edible! LOL! Speaking of, Mrs. M. is going to teach me next week how to properly make prosphoron (improve upon those skills) Maybe somehow that will help translate to the baguettes. Καληνύχτα! Σ’αγαπώ πάρα πολύ!


Gia 🙏💕☦️🕊


Right on Time! Thank you, Father Barnabas!

Dear Dad,

Today, I talked about my fear of being dismissed by so many people in life that I make myself paralyzed. Then, when finally confronted by it, it turns to anger and that person(s) tune me right out which can exacerbate situations. It happened talking to Thia. I used to be able to have great conversations with her. Over the years, things have changed. Nonetheless, I decided to call her tonight. The conversation started out well. Then, as usual (in any conversation with anyone else also), when she asked questions to clarify something, and I began to do so, suddenly she became annoyed and interrupted me. Then, she abruptly told me she had a phone call coming in and quickly hung up.

I wanted to cry like I usually do but the tears wouldn’t come. Have I become numb, I wondered to myself. My thoughts turned to anger feeling betrayed by another “normal” person who just doesn’t want to understand me. Or was I betrayed by someone who spoke ill of me and she’s listening to those rumors? There are a lot out there you know. But overall, once again, what am I not getting?! 

Shortly afterwards, I received a notification of the premier of this week’s Faith Encouraged T.V. by Father Barnabus Powell as part of the Ancient Faith Ministries. It was titled “It’s all about Jesus Christ”. I felt this was an excellent cue to redirect my thoughts and feelings before they get the best of me.

Father Barnabus talked about how “the Orthodox Christian Faith is all about making sure Jesus Christ has no rivals in your heart or in your life.” He quoted parts of St. Paul’s Letter to the Colossians 3:4-11

“Fear, pleasure, money, lying, your comfort are some of the symptoms of your slavery to another god. Therefore making them rivals to Jesus Christ as the Supreme ruler in your life. If they rival Jesus Christ, they lead to death. Put off or get rid of anger, malice, lying because those symptoms betray the fact that our devotion to Christ isn’t exclusive.”

Wow! Did I need to hear that! By letting my ego get in the way of what someone thought of me, I took myself off the path away from Christ. Way off to be exact!

He goes on to say “Confession is to free yourself from the “Twin delusions”: “what I hope for” and “what I’m afraid of” because you’ll never grow if you don’t. Need to be so focused on what is real which is not a thing it’s a person- Jesus Christ. If you’re too focused on your career, it will be a source of death for you because it’s taking you life’s focus away from Christ.”

I’ve been focusing too much on my “hopes”: better health, good job possibly Animal Assisted Therapy, a dog or two, mini horse, house, comfort. Daydreaming so much that I’ve been forgetting to complete my prayers at certain times. Or there’s the other twin fear: never getting out of debt, never earning the friendships and love I’ve desired, always being an outcast, health not improving. Again, moving myself into a paralysis which acts as a wall between Jesus Christ and me.  If I look outside myself, sure there are plenty of others who seem to be well off. On the other hand, many more are worse off than me. And I should be focusing on God’s Will and what He wants for me because He knows where I need to be and when. Also, how can I lose sight of being thankful for my blessings? Most importantly my precious children, especially when there are those who can’t/couldn’t have children. And my darling fur babies, when my children are too busy to visit, or anyone else for that matter. How can I selfishly claim I’m lonely when I have God, the Theotokos, the Saints, and Heavenly Hosts surrounding me and looking out for me to boot?! And of course, you too Dad!

I thank God for His great mercies because I, the wretched and sinful one, am also guilty of abruptly hanging up on Him many times to follow the “Twins of Delusion”.

With that, my dearest father, I bid you καληνύχτα.

Love you!

G 😊💗


Serendipity or God’s Nudge?

Dear Dad,

I’ll never forget the time when you came home to tell us that you learned of an icon at a nearby Orthodox church that had potentially something miraculous happening to it. I don’t remember the jurisdiction, but I do remember you mentioning a saint of whom I had never heard. His name was St. Phanourious, and you explained a little about his history. The church was in dire straights financially and most non-Orthodox believed they made it up to get attention to save their church. I don’t know if you ever knew this (the beginning part at the time), but I just had to hop in the car to see it for myself. I remember not telling anyone that I did so, however, you always seemed to have sixth sense about these things.

Remember how you got up in the middle of reading the paper one night, hitting the sides of the recliner, and exclaiming “That’s it!” as you quickly got up to grab your coat to dart out the door. Much to our surprise (Mom, Jimmy and I), you took off in your car and raced off without so much as a brief explanation. Next thing we knew, in 10 minutes, you came back with Thena and Andrew pulling up in the driveway behind you. You just “knew” they were doing donuts in the store parking lot while running an errand; much to their chagrin, you were right. Glad it wasn’t me this time! 🤣

Anyway, I drove out to this church to see what this icon was all about. Although it wasn’t that far from the house, I had never even knew it existed. It was tucked away in plain sight. It was near the corner of two fairly busy streets, however, the building looked like an old-fashioned Protestant church that was very dark in color but in a charming chalet type of way. I slowly opened the door to the main entrance. Not a person was in sight. “Hello? Is anybody here?” My voice softly echoing throughout. No one answered. I hesitated to go any further wondering if I should wait for someone to come and give me permission to do so. But there it was near the solea on a podium by itself with nothing else around it. A sense of peace came over me beckoning me as if St. Phanourios was casually saying “Please come say hello!” I drew near rather quickly abandoning any fear I had of anyone scolding me by this point.

While approaching him, I noticed that this wasn’t the typical weeping icon. It was encased in glass, and there was a mist only around his halo and on the glass directly above it. The mist had a soft glow about it. I stared at it for quite awhile admiring the glow and marveling at the preciseness of the edges of the mist. I was amazed at how young he was! Little did I know how much he went through. (Now, as an adult, I marvel at him and his faith even more!) I decided I must go home because I had chores to do. I do remember telling you long afterwards that I went and thanked you for it. It’s sad that the church, along with its icon of St. Phanourios, disappeared without a trace. There never was any mention of it again within the Orthodox community. So, I never knew if it was accepted as a miracle or not.

This is one time my impulsivity worked in my favor. For the first time, I learned how to pray and feel comfortable praying to a saint for his/her intercessions. I feel very close to him. Most times, I find the item while in the middle of praying, if not within 5 minutes. I’m sure if the ADHD community had a patron saint, it would be St. Phanourios for all we go through in life! I do know that there are some items I still haven’t found. I know in my heart that it’s probably because I need to “work on some things” a bit harder or there’s some lesson I need to learn within each of those losses. Nonetheless, I know he’s looking out for me. And, I had never made Phanouropita until this year!

I mention it today because it’s been a week since I prayed for St. Phanourios’ intercessions for Mom. She was missing some very important paperwork that she needed to send out right away. I made her promise to make a Phanouropita with me if I said a prayer for his intercession for her. She agreed. She found the paperwork within a minute or two. However, we haven’t been able to make the Phanouropita. She was distracted a couple of days (part of her illness) but then became quite ill and I have been too ill at times. I have been waiting to make it with her so she doesn’t feel badly because I think she does want to spend the time together. I keep praying about it but have mixed feelings. So, I’m sure I’m too distracted by thoughts of the situation and not truly listening to the answer to my prayers. I’m still working on it though! I also wonder is it selfish to make another cake to help me with my situation? I have heard he answers prayers other than for lost items. Is it right to pray for health and getting back to work? Any work? Or should I pray to go back into teaching? If so, I should probably add praying for more strength! My mind and my will is still trying to take the wheel with all of these questions floating around in my head. Until then, I’m at a stalemate and know I must find patience and peace within myself before the answer comes. Until next time…


G 🙂💗☦

P.S. I receive nothing for this link. It put it here because it reminds me of the first icon I ever saw of St. Phanourios.

You Truly Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought*

Dear Dad,
Please forgive me if I ever repeat myself. Days are starting to meld together as I work on keep myself busy until I receive the Word (Him guiding me in a certain direction), and in turn the word (of whatever the plan is). I got into a bit of a rut with baking and reading. I’m not getting much of anything accomplished. Another person confirmed admin spreading rumors about me. Why did I ask?! Not sure from where the fear stemmed, because I honestly have been doing better even before the call. Suddenly the haunting image of Ip and her cry of despair shook me out of my selfish, self-centered party: “What I wouldn’t give to be able to put my feet in the ground…” Lord have mercy on me, a sinner! Lord have mercy on me, a sinner! Lord have mercy on me, a sinner!

Who am I to think that I have the luxury of time to waste? God gave me many blessings and talents, as simple as they may be, and I have no right to let them go to waste. Yet, where do they belong? I know my talent of hyperfocusing can be a curse. However, I need it to overcome this fear I’ve created of failing to properly make bread. I want to stop and chat with someone, (anyone!) but I must curb the impulses. Lord have mercy on me, a sinner! Lord have mercy on me! Lord have mercy on me!

Boundaries are so important to others that I must be cognizant of that so as not to upset them. Yet they are important for me as well. Why do they seem like prison walls for me? What are their rules? Why don’t I understand them? What are the steps to follow? Why does following them seem as awkward as being told to stand still at a track meet? When will the doctor call?! Why aren’t the meds working?! Lord have mercy on me! Lord have mercy on me! Lord have mercy!

Is it really making bread that I fear? Or is my fear misplaced being projected onto the bread? I accidentally burned myself again. Now I’m up to four Band-Aids. Two on fingers on my left hand and two on my right wrist. Great! Now I’m REALLY going to look like even MORE of a kook! Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy.
At least the bread came out better than it has in awhile. On to gather tax information. Lord have mercy!

I’ve gained momentum in a positive way now. This is good. Did too much though. In a lot of pain and migraine’s coming back. Knocking on my head as if it’s asking permission to enter, when it knows it will soon be barging in regardless of the remedies I use. Must rest. Shove some κουλουράκια (Greek cookies) in my mouth as a reward. As if I really deserve it. How quickly I forgot how the morning started. It’s a blur anyway. I’m sure it’s OK. Finally catching up on reading blogs while resting. Typed too fast before thinking my comments through. Don’t think my humor is translating well. Oh no! Can I fix it? Let me try! I think I’m making it worse! Now I’m a KOOK in all caps! What’s that one mentioned? Oh that’s right! Boundaries! She read my mind! Put the phone down and hit your reset- Lord have mercy on me, a sinner! Lord have mercy on me, a sinner! Lord have mercy on me, a sinner!

I pray I can continue improving. I must keep my focus on God so He can keep me on the path that’s meant for me. As a sinner, I cannot afford to rest in the fact that I deserve to treat myself. Look how easily the evil imp (as St. Paisios calls it) can weasel his way into one’s thoughts and deceiving you into believing it’s a God given right to do so. Today was a good example of that: becoming overly relaxed, hence becoming too full of myself.

I love you, Dad! I miss you something awful. But, I have a feeling a part of it is God’s way of helping me learn to be more reliant on Him, rather than lean on you so much as I once had. Here comes Photios readying himself for a goodnight snuggle. Boy! Can he purr up a storm! Καληνύχτα!

G 🙏💕☦️🕊

*Modified title of a self-help book.

Photios, My Snugglebug

Getting there!

Γειά σου, Pappou! 

Well, I was a bit more successful baking baguettes this time! The only difference is I accidentally used the wrong flour. At least it came out cooked this time! It ended up tasting like sourdough bread. Not sure how that happened. Nonetheless, bread is the staple of life, so it's important to be thankful to God we are blessed to have it at all. It's been difficult to focus on what I'm doing due to my health issues, hence grabbing the wrong flour. I kept having to fight things like stomach issues and dizziness, which exacerbates my ADHD. However, continuing this project is inspiring me to meditate on the coping skills I've learned through prayer, studying spiritual counsels of the Church Fathers, and therapy (focus, patience, etc), while applying them to cooking and baking. In turn, I'm hoping this practice can transfer to the outside world. 

What helped me come to this conclusion was happened later that day. I pushed through to keep my promise to my sister and mom to come over to bake a cake together that we've never made before. Part of it was to celebrate my sister's γιορτή and the other was to cheer my mom up. We made Πορτοκαλόπιτα (Portokalopita-Greek Orange & Phyllo Cake). From what I read, it comes from near your area in the Peloponnese! I wonder if you ever had it and if so how much. I know you were usually pretty good about staying away from sweets, but if you had it, would you have liked it?You probably didn't have it much in Greece considering the family's situation. The areas where the oranges are produced, and for which the cake is most known, were probably not as mountainous or rocky as in your village in order to grow the orange trees. When we visited your village, everything became clear to me; for starters it was evident how dire things could have gotten not being able to grow much due to the terrain, let alone the difficulty in travelling around. 

This is the first time in a long time that I was able to work with my sister. She's been under a lot of stress lately, however, you'd be very proud of us that she did much better not snapping and I did much better not reacting. I'm so glad I asked her to join us because she has said no so many times to doing activities together. We think it came out pretty well! I must contain my excitement so as not to overwhelm my sister. Thanks be to God that He sure helped me forget my troubles while putting the "lessons" (coping skills) into practice! I do hope this is the beginning of something she and I can share together with my mom. Well, I better get cruising.

Καληνύχτα! Σ'αγαπώ!  🙏💕☦️🕊
Πορτοκαλόπιτα (Portokalopita-Greek Orange & Phyllo Cake)

Dreams Realized

Dear Yiayia,

I visited Mom today. I brought her some Greek Mountain tea to try, because I thought she’d like this certain type. She told me that she didn’t like it because it was bitter. I discovered there are at least 17 different varieties. So, I thought I’d have her try the one I recently discovered and liked. This package seemed a bit different than mine. When I opened the bag, it smelled pungent, as if it were going to taste bitter. Oh well! Maybe next time.

While I was visiting with Mom, I showed her this blog and we talked about how you loved to travel. She told me when you were growing up, you always dreamed of marrying a captain of a ship. This way, you could fulfill your love of traveling. It makes sense to me that you were dreaming of marrying a captain, since you grew up in Crete.

Little did you know, that you would still get fulfill that dream. However, God had a little bit different plan in mind. Instead of marrying a captain of a ship, you married a devoted loving man, who worked on the railroad. The two of you were able to travel a lot for many years to follow. Of course, with my mother in tow when she came along. LOL!

She also recounted more of Pappou’s hijinks. I guess he would wait for his coworkers to be in the middle of washing their faces before taking the heads of two of them and gently bumping them together. They all thought this was funny so there was no harm in it. Well, I better get cruising.

Καληνύχτα! Σ’αγαπώ!

Gia 😊💗☦

Dear Yiayia: Greece, Travel, Health, Empowerment

Dear Yiayia,


Since I can’t travel much now, I’ve on this page a lot dreaming of Greece. Once, I even entertained the thought of moving there! I’ll be keeping you posted on the information about this page, as well as reminiscing about past trips. I’m sure these posts will really get a psychiatrist’s attention! LOL! No matter! One can always dream! Well, I better get cruising!

Καληνύχτα! Σ’αγαπώ!

Gia 😊💗☦