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Dear Yiayia: Greece, Travel, Health, Empowerment

Dear Yiayia,

There’s a page I follow (on the computer) on this thing called “Facebook” that I know you would love! I can send messages to friends, and I can learn about updates on organizations I care about. It also has places where I can look and see fun things just about anything I want. The page I know you would just love is called Ζωή Στο Χωριό. It shows pictures of Greece whether they are of the villages, the people, or even items of nostalgia. When I saw this picture from that page, it reminded me of Pappou when he was a shepherd as a young boy, as well as the fact that he was laughing like Pappou would. I called Mom and told her about it. She reminded me of how much he used to love to play pranks on people. One memory she recalled was when Pappou would play pranks on a coworker when he worked on the railroad. He would keep sneaking up on him scaring him. Then, the fellow would always laugh and say “John! I’m gonna get you back one of these days!” LOL! Oops! By the way, that means “laughing out loud”.

Since I can’t travel much now, I’ve been on this page a lot dreaming of Greece. Once, I even entertained the thought of moving there! I’ll be keeping you posted on the information about this page, as well as reminiscing about past trips. I’m sure these posts will really get a psychiatrist’s attention! LOL! No matter! One can always dream! Well, I better get cruising!

Καληνύχτα! Σ’αγαπώ!

Gia 😊💗☦

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