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Dear Dad: Orthodoxy, Family, Life, Teaching

Dear Dad,

I know what you’re thinking; why am I still up at this hour? Still trying to pace myself, of course. You know how it goes! LOL! Remember how I’d come downstairs from the apartment to help you close the store faster? So you could get enough sleep to have enough energy to teach the next day? The harder I worked to help you close up the shop, the harder you would work alongside me but finding more things you could do to get done while I was there. Oh, how I worried about you!

It’s hard to pace myself when the weather affects my health so much. At least I was able to get myself up and get some things done today, especially cooking food that I can eat ahead of time. I have so many questions for you. Like did you have the same experiences health-wise? Did you have these restrictions? It seems like it takes so long to prep. But, yes, my thoughts immediately turn to my blessings. I’m very thankful to have a home in which I can prepare these foods, the ingredients to create them, and family with whom I can share.

I also wonder when this will ever go away. Will I ever get back to teaching? Teaching just isn’t the same anymore though, so maybe this is a blessing? Well, I better check on the last of it.

Love you!

G 🙂💗☦

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