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The Sunrise

Dear Dad,

I am so glad the kids convinced me to go with them for a quick (27 hour) trip with them to catch the leaves changing color in our beautiful state. Where we lived, we always had the water to the east. Remember how stunning the sunrises were? Many would blankly stare at me when I would describe their beauty. Some would correct me: “You ARE speaking of sunsets right?” Some would cast doubt: “How can a sunrise be beautiful?”

People have made an Ooo! and Ahh! for sunsets throughout history. I am sure there are many more songs, poems, and stories involving sunsets than sunrises. And yes, they are very picturesque. However, we both know the power of being awestruck when gazing at a sunrise. It’s as if God in all His majesty is blessing us with the promise of that new day dawning surrounding us with His light and warmth of His love., even on the coldest of days. Thankfully, these marvelous moments have not been lost on my kids.

My daughter insisted we stop somewhere to rest along one of the Great Lakes in order that we could arise in time to witness the sunrise the next morning. What a delightful and thoughtful idea! Although we were many hours away from where we live, we still had the feeling of being surrounded by God’s love and assurance to strengthen our faith knowing that all would be just fine.

This trip also reminded me of the times where you would love to go off of the beaten path and explore every nook and cranny little towns had to offer, especially when meeting the locals. I felt as if you were with us. I love you and miss you much!




Published by Gia

Greek Orthodox ADHD mom of 5 wonderful blessings (2 with 4 paws) with a background in Education trying to navigate Life according to God's will.

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