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Γειά σου, Pappou! 

Well, I was a bit more successful baking baguettes this time! The only difference is I accidentally used the wrong flour. At least it came out cooked this time! It ended up tasting like sourdough bread. Not sure how that happened. Nonetheless, bread is the staple of life, so it's important to be thankful to God we are blessed to have it at all. It's been difficult to focus on what I'm doing due to my health issues, hence grabbing the wrong flour. I kept having to fight things like stomach issues and dizziness, which exacerbates my ADHD. However, continuing this project is inspiring me to meditate on the coping skills I've learned through prayer, studying spiritual counsels of the Church Fathers, and therapy (focus, patience, etc), while applying them to cooking and baking. In turn, I'm hoping this practice can transfer to the outside world. 

What helped me come to this conclusion was happened later that day. I pushed through to keep my promise to my sister and mom to come over to bake a cake together that we've never made before. Part of it was to celebrate my sister's γιορτή and the other was to cheer my mom up. We made Πορτοκαλόπιτα (Portokalopita-Greek Orange & Phyllo Cake). From what I read, it comes from near your area in the Peloponnese! I wonder if you ever had it and if so how much. I know you were usually pretty good about staying away from sweets, but if you had it, would you have liked it?You probably didn't have it much in Greece considering the family's situation. The areas where the oranges are produced, and for which the cake is most known, were probably not as mountainous or rocky as in your village in order to grow the orange trees. When we visited your village, everything became clear to me; for starters it was evident how dire things could have gotten not being able to grow much due to the terrain, let alone the difficulty in travelling around. 

This is the first time in a long time that I was able to work with my sister. She's been under a lot of stress lately, however, you'd be very proud of us that she did much better not snapping and I did much better not reacting. I'm so glad I asked her to join us because she has said no so many times to doing activities together. We think it came out pretty well! I must contain my excitement so as not to overwhelm my sister. Thanks be to God that He sure helped me forget my troubles while putting the "lessons" (coping skills) into practice! I do hope this is the beginning of something she and I can share together with my mom. Well, I better get cruising.

Καληνύχτα! Σ'αγαπώ!  🙏💕☦️🕊
Πορτοκαλόπιτα (Portokalopita-Greek Orange & Phyllo Cake)


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Greek Orthodox ADHD mom of 5 wonderful blessings (2 with 4 paws) with a background in Education trying to navigate Life according to God's will.

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