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Dreams Realized

Dear Yiayia,

I visited Mom today. I brought her some Greek Mountain tea to try, because I thought she’d like this certain type. She told me that she didn’t like it because it was bitter. I discovered there are at least 17 different varieties. So, I thought I’d have her try the one I recently discovered and liked. This package seemed a bit different than mine. When I opened the bag, it smelled pungent, as if it were going to taste bitter. Oh well! Maybe next time.

While I was visiting with Mom, I showed her this blog and we talked about how you loved to travel. She told me when you were growing up, you always dreamed of marrying a captain of a ship. This way, you could fulfill your love of traveling. It makes sense to me that you were dreaming of marrying a captain, since you grew up in Crete.

Little did you know, that you would still get fulfill that dream. However, God had a little bit different plan in mind. Instead of marrying a captain of a ship, you married a devoted loving man, who worked on the railroad. The two of you were able to travel a lot for many years to follow. Of course, with my mother in tow when she came along. LOL!

She also recounted more of Pappou’s hijinks. I guess he would wait for his coworkers to be in the middle of washing their faces before taking the heads of two of them and gently bumping them together. They all thought this was funny so there was no harm in it. Well, I better get cruising.

Καληνύχτα! Σ’αγαπώ!

Gia 😊💗☦


Published by Gia

Greek Orthodox ADHD mom of 5 wonderful blessings (2 with 4 paws) with a background in Education trying to navigate Life according to God's will.

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